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Here you can order high-quality embroidered clothes and accessories that are made for your individual measurements; according to your wishes on colours of the embroidery, fabric type, sleeve length and other details. Producing and delivery with a regular post takes nearly 1 month. If you have any questions, please, contact us.

Kirushko's embroidery studio

The Kirushko’s workshop produces embroidered clothes for men, women and children, embroidered tablecloths, towels, other garments and household articles, the main part of which is Ukrainian embroidery.

Ukrainian embroidery is not only a kind of handicraft passed from generation to generation. Ukrainian handmade embroidery is a unique spiritual and material feature of Ukrainian people, which served as a protective talisman in every Ukrainian family throughout centuries. It is a treasury of believes, customs and rites of Ukrainian people.

Handmade embroidery has a very long history. Archaeological excavations, evidence from foreign travelers prove that embroidery as a work of art has been known since II century BC. And embroidered clothes of Cossack times are still well preserved.

There are more than one hundred embroidery techniques known all over Ukraine. They are notable for vivid imagination and ethnic flavour, and impress with wealth of colours and variety. These are cross stitching, needlework stitching, white, black work, black-and –white, monochrome embroidery, stitching with golden thread.

Traditional embroidery varies depending on region, so it is easy to distinguish one regional style of embroidery from the other. However, Ukrainian embroidery techniques have one common style.

Nowadays embroidery as a kind of decorative art experiences its revival. At the same time it undergoes considerable influence of modern culture. That is why the artistic style of traditional embroidery has changed noticeably. Floral ornaments and realistic patterns are more widely spread, though our ancestors liked to embroider fantastic birds and beasts as well. Many traditional techniques are forgotten; nowadays most of the needlework is done in cross stitching and satin stitch technique. The color pallet of modern embroidery is much brighter.

Nowadays every Ukrainian thinks it necessary to buy a traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt. That is why in our embroidery shop Ukrainian embroidered shirts occupy the main and well honored place among all other embroidered articles we produce. Embroidery patterns are various, unique, peculiar to different regions of our country. In our embroidery shop you can purchase a shirt with original patterns in Kiev, style, and of specific size.

It is necessary to mention that the process of stitching nowadays is made much easier due to introduction of modern embroidery technologies. Embroidery masters who use machine embroidery have a possibility to produce things with original and intricate patterns using up to seventeen colors. In addition, thanks to modern equipment, the time consumption is considerably reduced. That is why the price for Ukrainian embroidery shirts in our workshop is quite modest.

Kirushko’s embroidery shop guarantees high quality of products. We use only high quality materials in our work. All embroidery, including embroidery on order, is made directly on products, backside of which is perfect: there are no lining or extra threads.

It is very easy to purchase embroidered clothes or household articles in our embroidery shop: you need to choose a product and order embroidery filling in an appropriate form. Then you can receive your ordered embroidery within 2-7 days.

For the wholesalers we can give a considerable discount.